Ultra TEF-GEL® –
The Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant

Use on:

image041. Any screw or bolt installed to:

  • prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals i.e. stainless or rivets into aluminium, (paint blistering, frozen fasteners, outboard motors).

tefgel_photo2. Moving parts, to lubricate:

  • hatch and portholes dogs, hinges and arms.
  • fighting chair slides, swivels, locking pins and brakes.
  • outrigger slides, pulleys, rigging screws.
  • slides, swivels, snaps, zippers etc.
  • sailboat gear i.e. rigging turnbuckles, blocks, sheaves, anchoring gear, steering parts.

3. Slow moving bearings to

  • replace petroleum grease that wash-out in 3 months.
  • enable lifetime use of bearings in hard access areas like lazarettes and furling gears.

galvanisk014. Pump gaskets, heat exchanger parts and PVC fittings to

  • stop weeping around endplates, faceplates, plumbing fittings
  • allow better sealing and adjustment in PVC piping.

5. Replace grease in shop on:

  • punches, presses, drill presses etc. (longer life smoother operation)

6. Propeller shafts to allow easy removal of propellers (especially spline shafts).

7. Packing in glands to make stuffingbox drip-free.

8. All battery ends in flashlights etc. to stop tin oxide formation. Batteries last much longer and you dont have to hit it to make it work!

Many, many other uses!

Completely waterproof. Will not wash away!