The amazing composition of Ultra Tef-Gel® is derived from a specially formulated polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) paste, a PTFE powder in a polyolefin base, which allows use in all weather conditions to prevent rust, corrosion and seizing.

Ultra Tef-Gel® is not a petroleum based product, this gives it superior qualities as stable towards acids and other products, it will not break down in saltwater or detergents.

The Ultra Tef-Gel® waterproof paste is also a high quality lubricant, superior to different greases on preventing the seizing and galling of metals.

Ultra Tef-Gel® contains over 40 % PTFE and a synthetic adhesive compound. There is NO aluminium, graphite, zinc, nickel or copper in the paste, as these products could increase the corrosion and galvanic process.

Ultra Tef-Gel® eliminates the galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Whether it swivels, slips or slides, Ultra Tef-Gel® is the lubricant that will ensure the future removal of all assembled hardware.

  • Gives a microscopic preventing layer between different metals.
  • Contains NO substances that starts, or increases corrosion.
  • Is suitable for extreme and demanding conditions.
  • Works in a wide temperature range, -45degrees C — + 230degrees C
  • Easy to use and apply — it neither drip or dries.
  • Is waterproof.
  • Registred at Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate

Notable is that Ultra Tef-Gel® works very well in demanding environments, especially the marine sector, due to:

  • Lubricates all types of threads, for easy assembly or dissemble.
  • Is totally waterproof, it will NOT wash away or break down in saltwater or detergents
  • Is environmentally safe
  • Ultra Tef-Gel® creates a layer between different metals.
  • Contains no substances like, graphite, zinc, or copper that can start, or increase corrosion.
  • The paste has an extremely stable composition that maintain its characteristics.
  • Wide temperature range, -45degrees C — +230degrees C
  • Offers excellent lubrication
  • Easy to work with and apply — it neither drip or dries
  • Comes in practical packages for different applications and use.

Ultra Tef-Gel® PTFE, polytetrafluorethylene based waterproof
Anti-corrosion & Anti Seize lubricant.