Ultra Tef-Gel – The Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant

  • image05TG-25 7g Syringes – use for single job applications to be charged per job.
  • TG-1 28g Syringes – most common applicators. Fits perfect in toolbox.
  • image07TG-12 340g Caulk gun cartridge – use for big jobs and to refill syringes.
  • image06TG-2T 57g Tub – wide mouths jar – use with brush and for dipping fasteners.
  • image08TG-16T 453g Tub – wide mouths jar – use for big jobs with brush and for dipping fasteners.

Prefereably use our application brush (TG-A).
Ultra Tef-Gel may be ordered in 3,6 kg and 18,2 kg pails.

Application instructions:
Apply liberally to all surfaces. Proper application will effectively lubricate and seal assembled parts, prevent seizing, galling and galvanic corrosion.

Unscrew the red cap (on syringe) before use, replace after use.
Ultra Tef-Gel will NOT go hard, drip or dry out.

Use mineral spirits (turpentine) to remove excess Ultra Tef-Gel.
Wash skin with soap and water after use.

Assemble with Ultra Tef-Gel – Disassemble with Ease