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The Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant

The most common problems seen in the marine and metals industries are the blistering, corrosion, rust, galling and seizing of metals.

Ultra Tef-Gel® a unique corrosion eliminator and anti-seize lubricant, was initially developed for the aerospace industry.

The amazing composition of Ultra Tef-Gel®is derived from a specially formulated polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) paste, a Teflon powder in a polyolefin base, which allows use in all weather conditions to prevent rust, the seizing of metals and galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Whether it swivels, slips or slides, Ultra Tef-Gel® is the lubricant that will ensure the future removal of all assembled hardware.

Ultra Tef-Gel® is easy to use and apply – it neither drip or dries. As Ultra Tef-Gel® is a PTFE based and NOT a petroleum based product, this gives it qualities as stable towards acids and other products.

Ultra Tef-Gel® will absolutely not break down in saltwater or detergents.

The different packages Ultra Tef-Gel® comes in are practical and userfriendly.

A syringe containing 7g or 28g, for easy application.
A wide mouth tub of 57g or 453g, for dipping fasteners, easy to use with our application brush.
The 340g caulk gun cartridge is used for big jobs and to refill syringes.

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