Galvanic Corrosion

The Ultra Tef-Gel® Story

« During my years in the Aerospace industry, I used many Hi-Tech products not available to the public. Now several years later, I am still applying my Aerospace knowledge to my career in the Marine industry ».

The most common problems I see in the Marine industry are:

  • RUST

To eliminate this, I discovered a PTFE compound that when properly applied, eliminates blistering, corrosion, rust galling and seizing of hardware in marine environments. I called this compound ULTRA TEF-GEL. Its space age design doesn’t break down in salt water or detergents. ULTRA TEF-GEL is a thick white paste made of PTFE, a compound that is impervious to salt water. Water never gets past it.

ULTRA TEF-GEL has never failed me! I’ve sold this commercial grade product to most demanding professionals at major Equipment Manufacturers, Rigging Companies and Shipbuilders with complete satisfaction. ULTRA TEF-GEL has been used thousands of times over the years to stop corrosion from the largest ocean vessels, sailboats and powerboats to the smallest outboards.

Try some today! You’ll be amazed at how well it works. »
Robert P. Mergenthaler
Ultra Safety Systems, Inc

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