Outstanding properties with Ultra Pumpswitches like:

  • Highest quality construction.
  • Easy mounted.
  • No mercury.
  • Power – “ON” indicator.
  • Ignitition protected
  • Impervious to all materials commonly found in bilges.
  • Positive acting -no timer delays, -no electronics that fail.
  • 5 years warranty on all switches.
  • Lifetime warranty (UPS-01 SR only).
  • Optional alarm system available.
  • Built in high water alarm sensor (UPS-01 SR only).
  • Switches components completely sealed against moisture.
  • Extra long wire leads with sealed adhesive wall heat shrink wire connectors.
  • Test function (Optional on SR,JR and Hi-Diff model).
  • UPS-Mini fits any size pump.
  • Patented design provides maximum immunity to clogging, sticking or pump burnout.
  • Wiring instructions permanently stamped on the switch.
  • Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard standards.