Ultra Pumpswitch Hi-Differential (UPS-04)

UPS-04 Hi-Differential has the same patented design as UPS-02 Junior model but has a 25mm greater difference in on/off setpoints than on UPS-02. This eliminates cycling associated with longer discharge lines and deep bilge sumps.

UPS-04 automatic bilge pump operation will provide self cleaning with maximum immunity to clogging, sticking or pump burnout. Positive acting -no timer delays -no electronics that can fail. U.L. Listed.
Imperrvious to all material commonly found in bilges. Extra long wire leads with sealed adhesive wall heat shrink wire connectors. Test feature (optional). Wiring instructions permanently stamped on the switch. Ignition protected.

Highest quality construction. Switch components completely sealed against moisture. Contains no mercury. Provide a power-On indicator light. Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard standards.


Height – 158,7 mm
Diameter – 63,5 mm

Relay Output:
30-40 ampere relay
10 till 20 ampere pump load

Custom designed; non magnetic stainless steel; allows for direct mounting on bulkhead or submersible pumps

Non-magnetic stainless steel

Case tubing:
Buterate (highly resistant to impact, fuel, oil and salt water)


Operating Voltage:
12 VDC; or 24-32 VDC (indicate voltage when order)