Ultra Pumpswitches
image09The Ultra Pumpswitches is what you should install in your vessel if you are looking for reliability, safety and value for money.
Patented design, self cleaning provides maximum immunity to clogging, sticking or pump burnout.
All Ultra Pumpswitches exceeds U.S. Coast Guard standards.

Ultra Pumpswitch senior UPS-01 SR is the jewel among pumpswitches on the market. The only pumpswitch in the world with a lifetime warranty Automatic Bilge pump operation with isolated high water alarm switch built-in.

Ultra High Water Alarm A201 battery operated alarm with a extra loud 105 dB beeper. A201 may be used in combination with UPS-01 Senior.

Ultra Pumpswitch Junior UPS-02 JR is the automatic bilge pumpswitch, positive acting with no timer delays or electronics that might fail. Impervious to all materials commonly found in bilges.

Ultra Pumpswitch Hi-Differential UPS-04 is made for deep keel applications. Same features as on UPS-02 with its high quality construction.
On the UPS-04 Hi-Differential the greater difference for the on/off setpoints eliminates cycling associated with longer discharge lines and deep bilge sumps.

image10The Ultra Pumpswitch Mini fits any size pump. UPS-06 can be used for shallow sumps. Built in test function. Same features as UPS-01, but with no alarm function.

Ultra Level Switch System is a fluid level monitoring system. For simplicity and reliability in tank level indication, alarm and pump operation. The Ultra Level Switch is used to control pump and alarm and give level indication.

Ultra Level Switches

Ultra Level Switches a breakthrough in fluid level monitoring. In a continuing effort to develop innovative, consumer friendly products, Ultra Safety Systems Inc. through TTC is proud to offer these new products for simplicity and reliability in tank level indication, alarm and pump operation.

The all new LevelSwitch consist of separate replaceable or repairable components that allow for ease of installation and repairs.
Fresh water tanks, for instance, would use the LevelView system with sender and the Indication Only Panel.
The SumpSwitch incorporates a sender and interface for automatic pump and alarm operation.

image12The Ultra LevelSwitch is used to control pump and alarm and give level indication.

No electronics to fail. Each circuit individually protected. No need for calibration, everything included for installation. Customer programmable, versility for specific applications, provides form C relays for alarm controls.

Everything needed is included in these packages. There are no extra hidden charges. The senders come complete with tank mounting. Pump and alarm relays are built into the panel ready for vessel wiring.

dieselFor more information please contact TTC


  • Custom made – please call!


  • Non-magnetic stainless steel


  • Buna-N

Operating Voltage:

  • 12 VDC;
  • 24-32 VDC
  • 110/220 VAC
    (indicate voltage when order)

What is so different about these systems?

First- We believe strongly in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) formula when it comes to design. There are no electronics to fail. Each LED circuit is individually protected from over voltage, overcurrent and reverse polarity. Each circut is isolaled so that in case of failure of one LED, the whole system is not lost. There is no need for calibration of the system.

Second- User friendly- The customer sets the pump on/off and alarm set points with simple pins from the desired LED. To change set points at any time, simply move the lead to a new LED! (On LevelSwitch only)

Third- Versatillity- These systems are easily managed for different applications. Use our battery operated LevelView for quick easy readout of tank level. Or – monitor level in a waste tank while having automatic pumpout and alarm with the LevelSwitch.

LevelView – system with sender and level indication panel.
SumpSwitch – sender and panel for automatic pump and alarms.
LevelSwitch – sender, pump panel including manual pump and alarm controls with level indication.